The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

Financial Bias

To whom are you listening and is their advise in your best interest? Always be on the look out for “Financial Bias”. It's important to understand that much of what you may hear and read is general information intended for the masses and your situation may well call for something different. As you listen in this week, take note of some of the distinctions that could make a world of difference when making financial decisions as you travel the Retirement Roadmap.

Managing Debt

How do you define debt? It's important to understand what debt is and to evaluate how and when you might pay future obligations early and when you might chose to continue making payments instead of paying off the balance before it's due. On this week's podcast we spend some time discussing different definitions of debt and how to manage debt. Understanding these dynamics can play a role in how long your money lasts and how much access you have to capital when you might need it. Remember to share the podcast and to reach out to us – we're here to help you navigate the Retirement Roadmap.

Are You Making Excuses To Not Retire?

It may sound like a strange question to some, but you might be surprised! This week we delve into this question and some of the reasons people may have for not being sure whether to retire or when to retire. As you listen to the podcast this week, you may find yourself reflecting on your own situation – which may cause you to ask yourself some important questions. Share the podcast with your family and colleagues and feel free to reach out. We're here to help you on your journey along the Retirement Roadmap.

Cash – What’s The Right Amount?

Most advisors would agree that having a readily available emergency fund is important yet knowing how much cash to have on hand might not be as easily determined as you might think. On this week's podcast, we discuss this question and what some of the determining factors might be in answering this question. Take a little time and listen in – you might be a little surprised by what you learn. Remember, we're here to help. So feel free to reach out and schedule some time to review your current plan - you might discover ways to enhance your personal Retirement Roadmap.