The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

Finding The Silver Lining

Challenges are virtually inevitable in life and when things don't go your way it's important to stop and look for the “Silver Lining”. Let's face it, almost nothing is all good or all bad, so on this week's podcast we take a look at a number of “unfortunate” situations that could actually provide opportunities when looked at from a different perspective. As you listen in on our conversation, you might just discover a new point of view. Reach out and let us help you navigate the Retirement Roadmap.

Estate Planning Mistakes

Image that you wake up from a dream where you accidentally disinherited some of the most important people in your life. It's a terrible thought, isn't it? Let's face it, you've worked hard and saved your entire life. You want to leave a legacy to your family and those that mean the most to you. Unfortunately, this tragic mistake happens more than you might think. This week we talk about some of the most common estate planning mistakes and how to take steps to avoid them. Listen in and let us help you along the Retirement and Estate Planning Roadmap – you might just gain a few valuable insights.

Are You Unknowingly Sabotaging Your Retirement?

Is it possible to unknowingly sabotage your retirement? It's been said that the road to sabotage is paved with good intentions. It's important to understand that strategies for living in retirement can be VERY DIFFERENT than saving for retirement strategies. Listen in on our conversation as we discuss this important topic and as always . . . feel free to reach out to us and schedule some time to discuss how we can be a resource as you travel the Retirement Roadmap.