The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

Awkward Conversations

Let's face it, when discussing finances there are certain topics that can create “Awkward Conversations”. We also know that it's very easy to make big mistakes when important topics are avoided or are not addressed. Tune in this week as we discuss a number of challenging yet important subjects that are often put off or totally avoided by many. Let us know how we can help you address the difficult topics and “Awkward Conversations” that you know in your heart of hearts are critical to your financial future. We're here to help!

Developing Strategies For A No Regret Retirement

It's easy to agree that after a lifetime of hard work, a “No Regrets Retirement” would be a nice reward. Sadly, not everyone achieves this goal. On this week's podcast we explore strategies that can potentially reduce the pitfalls and provide pathways to a bright sunny retirement. Take a few minutes to listen in on our conversation. Remember to share the podcast with your friends and let us know how we can help you develop a Retirement Roadmap with No Regrets.

Retirement Variables & Constants Part 2

Last week we took a little time to explore some of the “constants” in retirement planning so this week we continue our conversation on retirement variables and constants with an emphasis on retirement “variables”. Sit back relax and listen in as we share additional insights that can potentially make a difference for your journey along the Retirement Roadmap. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter as well as the podcast and if you enjoy them remember to share with your friends and colleagues.

Retirement Variables & Constants Part 1

As you know, when planning your retirement you need to be careful about adopting one size fits all solutions, however there some elements of retirement planning that tend to remain constant. So over the next two weeks we will be discussing a variety of variable and constant considerations when it comes to retirement planning. Listen in as we share insights that can potentially make a difference for you as you travel along the Retirement Roadmap and remember to share the podcast with friends and colleagues.