The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

Stuck On Financial Decisions

Let's face it, making decisions can be difficult. Making big financial decisions can be almost paralyzing. On this week's podcast we explore the decision making process and some of the bigger decisions that can cause people to get “stuck”. We invite you to listen in on our conversation and hope you discover valuable insights that help you navigate your personal journey along the Retirement Roadmap.

Summer Vacation & Retirement

"If you don't know where you're going how will you get to where you want to go?” Everyone who has ever taken a summer vacation knows that if you don't make plans, it's very likely that your trip can end up taking a few undesirable turns. This is also true in retirement. This week we discuss some of the interesting similarities between planning a summer vacation and planning your retirement. As you listen in, you might find some interesting parallels that can help you navigate your Retirement Roadmap.

Famous Last Words

Watch out for “Famous Last Words”!!! We've all seen movies where one of the characters unwittingly utters the “Famous Last Words”. You may have even joked about “Famous Last Words” with friends and family. On this weeks podcast we discuss how this may apply on a more serious note to your finances and your retirement. Tune in, you might just discover a few helpful insights that provide valuable guidance as you navigate your personal Retirement Roadmap.

Seemingly Easy Retirement Questions

Sometimes there is “more to it then meets the eye”. On this week's podcast we take a little time to delve into a few retirement questions that can be more complicated then many people might think. Take a little time and listen in on our conversation as we dig a little deeper into these questions and topics. We're here to help you on your personal journey along the Retirement Roadmap. So give us a call and we'll schedule some time to get together.