The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

The Little Missed Details Of Retirement Planning

Everyone has thoughts about being retired, however living in retirement is sometimes times a little different then what was anticipated. Often times a few details of daily living are forgotten about or missed. This week we review a number of these “little missed details” - listen in on our conversation and make sure you're not overlooking important details as you travel along your personal Retirement Roadmap.

Complications Of Living A Long Life

We all hope for a long healthy and prosperous life. On this weeks podcast we talk about life expectancy, health care costs and making your money last. Listen in on our conversation as we discuss some of the challenges that come with longer life expectancy, as well as some of the strategies to help solve these challenges of traveling along the Retirement Roadmap.

50 Shades Of Gray Area

When it comes to financial matters there are often many variables to consider, which can create “Shades of Grey”. In other words, not all situations are clear cut or “Black & White”. This week we explore situations and scenarios that have different variables to be considered - which can lead to various conclusions. Listen in on the conversation as we explore different paths along the Retirement Roadmap.

What If Scenarios

As we often say on the podcast - “There Are No One Size Fits All” solutions when it comes to personal finances. This week we explore a variety of “What If . . .” scenarios and how different people and different circumstances might have different answers and responses to similar scenarios. Listen in on our conversation as we discuss some common “What If's” that sometimes come up along the Retirement Roadmap.