The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

In The News – The National Debt & More . . .

It's always good to thing to take a look at topics that are “In The News”. This week we look at a couple of issues that are currently being discussed across the country. One of the topics we focus on this week is the National Debt and how it could possibly effect your retirement and your retirement planning. So tune in to hear our discussion of a few topics of the day – you might just get a some insights that help you along your personal Retirement Roadmap.

Spotting A Bad Advisor

Is your advisor serving your best interest? This may be the most important question you can ask when working with an advisor. This week on the podcast, we explore a number of questions and potential “Red Flags” to watch out for when it comes to working with a financial advisor. It's wise to make sure that any advisor you work with is helping you to improve your journey along your personal Retirement Roadmap.

I Was Wondering . . .

There are a number of questions that retirees and pre-retirees find themselves wondering about – so this week we examine and discuss some of these questions. Take a few minutes to listen in on our conversation as we delve into important topics and ways to determine whether or not your Retirement Roadmap is leading you to your desired destinations.

Top Financial Distractions

Do you ever get distracted in your financial life? In today's world there are many things that are vying for your attention, and many things that can distract you from your financial goals. On this week's podcast we explore some of the top financial distractions that can sometimes keep you from staying focused. There can be many twists and turns along the Retirement Roadmap, so make sure you stay alert and be ready for the distractions that can come your way.

Buzzword . . . Risk Tolerance

Asking the right questions can sometimes create a different perspective on things. Join us this week as we discuss what is meant by “Risk Tolerance”. Can “Risk Tolerance” change over time? Just about everyone has an idea of how comfortable they are with risk, however as you travel along your Retirement Roadmap it's important to determine whether or not your “Risk Tolerance” is constant with your goals and with where you are in life.