The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

Are You Asking The Wrong Questions?

As you know, different people are in different situations. Which means that sometimes the answers to common questions can be different for different people, but it also means that sometimes there needs to be different questions. Join us this week as we discuss some of these differences so you can begin determining if you might need to make some adjustments to your Retirement Roadmap.

Real Financial Advising Is Solving Problems

How do you define “Financial Advisor”? Sometimes “Financial Advisor” is defined as someone that helps you manage accounts, however we believe there's much more to it than just managing accounts Financial advise can come in many forms and this week we discuss additional ways a good advisor can help. Take a few minutes to discover how your Retirement Roadmap can improve with a more comprehensive approach to financial advise.

What It’s Like To Become A Client

We often get the question of what is it like have an advisor or what's it like to become a client? This is one of the most important topics to understand when preparing for or living in retirement. So on the podcast this week we discuss this question in depth.  Take a few minutes to listen in as we review expectations and a variety of additional questions that often come up when working with an advisor. An advisor should be focused on you and helping you design your retirement years. If you'd like to get together to discuss your personal Retirement Roadmap – give us a call.

Settle The Debate

It's no secret that a number of financial topics sometimes create debate and disagreement. This week we delve into a few of these topics and discuss different perspectives that you may not have considered. You might just be surprised to discover that after evaluating some nuances you could end up changing your mind about a few things you believed to be true. Take a few minutes to join the podcast and evaluate whether or not your personal Retirement Roadmap might need to take a slight detour.