The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

You’ve Lost That Financial Feeling

As we all know, there are times when folks become emotional about certain topics in their financial lives. On the podcast this week we discuss a few of these topics and how different people react, respond and think about them. Listen in on our conversation as we review important points to consider. Remember, there's nothing wrong with experiencing your emotions – just make sure that when it comes to making important financial decisions you base your Retirement Roadmap on the important critical facts that matter the most.

Overlooked Retirement Expenses

One of the biggest challenges in retirement is income planning and of course, income and expenses go hand in glove. So on the podcast this week we take a little time to discuss a few overlooked expenses that come up in retirement. Take a few minutes to listen in as we delve into the importance of staying aware of these critical expenses that are sometimes forgotten. You always want to make sure your Retirement Roadmap doesn't have overlooked detours that lead you astray.

Complications Of Early Retirement

It's not uncommon for folks to sometimes think about and start asking questions about an early retirement. It can sound exciting, but is it realistic? This week we take a little time to review some of the critical points to consider if you are really beginning to think about early retirement. Listen in on our conversation as we discuss some of the key points to evaluate. It's wise to make sure you are prepared before you start traveling along your Retirement Roadmap.

Retirement Is More Than Just Investments Part 2

Welcome back to “Retirement Is More Than Just Investments”! This week we continue our conversation and delve into additional considerations of holistic retirement planning. Take a few minutes to listen in on our discussion as we review several more aspects to retirement planning that just might provide enhanced pathways for your personal Retirement Roadmap.