The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

The Things You Can’t Control

When planning for living in the retirement years, it's important to understand there are things we can control and things we can't control. One of the keys to having a successful retirement is having strategies that allow you to succeed even when you don't have control. So take a few minutes to listen in on our conversation and make sure that your Retirement Roadmap is designed to be ready for “The Things You Can't Control”.


Getting Started With Your Retirement Plan


For many people, retirement planning has simply been saving for retirement. However there are many additional factors to consider when you are transitioning into retirement or already retired. What does retirement look like for you? Do you have a retirement income plan that's built to last? Have you planned for how taxes will impact your income in retirement? Join us this week as we discuss these questions and additional topics that may be critical to your financial future. After all, if you don't take some time to design your personal Retirement Roadmap, you might not like your destination.


Reacting To Market Corrections

How do you react to market corrections? Are market corrections during retirement different than market corrections during the working years? This week we take some time to discuss a variety of questions that often come up when thinking about market corrections. It's important to understand the possible impacts to your financial future and to understand the differences between market corrections during the working years vs. the retirement years. Take a few minutes to listen in on our conversation. Chances are that your Retirement Roadmap will encounter a few market corrections and it's critically important that you know how to respond to these market conditions.


Debunking Myths

If what you thought to be true turned out not to be true, when would you want to know about it? There are many myths that surround financial and retirement planning – some of these myths take the form of what you might call “One Size Fits All Advice”. This week we take on some of these popular myths. This might challenge some of your long held beliefs. Listen in on this week's conversation and possibly discover how a number of common beliefs might actually be myths. It's important to always remember that your Retirement Roadmap should be unique to you and it's not always good to follow the “One Size Fits All Advice” that is provided by the “Financial Entertainers”.