The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

Retirement FAQS

There are a number of questions surrounding retirement and like most areas of life there are rarely one size fits all answers that are best for everyone. This week we discuss several of these questions and a variety of different circumstances that may call for a variety of different answers. Your Retirement Roadmap is unique and how you answer certain questions can play a critical role in your ultimate destination. Join us a few minutes to review some Retirement FAQs!


Financial Planning & Future Generations

Are your children and grandchildren part of your current or future financial plans? What legacy do you want to leave? As you can image, the answers to these questions can vary depending upon who you ask! On this week's podcast we discuss a variety of financial scenarios that sometimes happen with future generational planning. Who knows, you might gain some insights and end up making a few different stops on your Retirement Roadmap after listening in on our conversation.


Distracted Investor Awareness


Are you staying focused? As you know, sometimes in life you can end up getting distracted which can create challenges when it comes to following your retirement plans. This week we discuss how folks sometimes get off course. Listening in on our conversation might just give you some insights to your retirement journey and the stops you make along the Retirement Roadmap.


Four Things Everyone Should Know About Retirement

How you plan your retirement is critical to your financial well being. There are certain things that everyone should know about planning for retirement. This week we take a little time to discuss four specific topics that are important to retirement planning. Listen in on our conversation as we discuss these important “need to knows”. Let us help you develop a Retirement Roadmap designed to keep you on track as you travel your personal retirement journey.


His & Hers Retirement Planning

Are you and your spouse on the same page when it comes to retirement? It takes two to tango and it's important to be working as a team when it comes to your retirement planning. Join us for a few minutes to review some of the keys to working together and coordinating your retirement plans. It's critically important to make sure you and your spouse have the same Retirement Roadmap. Make sure you take the time to design your retirement - it should be the exciting chapter of life that you've always imagined!