The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

Technology & Financial Planning

How does the ever changing world of technology effect financial planning? New technology influences nearly every aspect of our lives, including financial planning. Take a few minutes to listen in as we discuss different ways technology can play a role in your finances and your journey along the Retirement Roadmap.


In The News - March 2018


This week we spend a little time discussing some of the business headlines that are in the news and some things to look for in the economy. Be careful making snap judgments about what things mean – sometimes there is more to the story and sometimes you need to let the picture develop so to speak. Take a few minutes to listen in as we evaluate some of the headlines we are seeing in early 2018. Your Retirement Roadmap might be influenced by some of the events that are currently unfolding.


Stress & Retirement

Planning for and living in retirement is normally considered to be exciting and enjoyable (and it should be). However, retirement can also be stressful for a variety of reasons. This week we explore how stress sometimes enters the retirement picture and different strategies to deal with this kind of stress. Take a few minutes to listen in on our conversation and reflect on how you can make your travels along the Retirement Roadmap more enjoyable.


Explaining It Away

Are you being honest with yourself? Sometimes people make mistakes that they know deep down need to be corrected. Sometimes there are things that need to be addressed, but it's just easier to put them off. If you can relate - then it's probably a good idea to join us for a few minutes as we discuss how people “Explain It Away”. Everyone's Retirement Roadmap has different stops along the way. Make sure you are being honest with yourself and make all the stops you need to make on your personal retirement journey.