The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

Time To Get Real

How do you envision your retirement? Do you have realistic expectations? This week we explore various aspects of retirement and ask some of the critical questions that need to be answered. Take a few minutes to join us and review how you think about different aspects of retirement. It's wise to make sure you are viewing retirement through a realistic lens so that your unique Retirement Roadmap continues to be an enjoyable journey.


Financial “Elephants In The Room”

Are there “Elephants In The Room” when it comes to your retirement plans? You might unknowingly and unnecessarily have significant amounts of money “falling through the cracks” of your financial life. This week we take a look at some of the critical elements of retirement planning that are unfortunately sometimes overlooked. Listen in to our discussion to determine if you might have a few “Elephants” in your room. You might find that it's time to adjust the path of your Retirement Roadmap.

Quiz Your Advisor

Are you and your advisor on the same page? Does your advisor specialize in serving the needs of those who are either in retirement or soon to be retiring? This week we discuss what to look for and what to ask an advisor you are considering working with or even your current advisor. Join us as we discuss critical facts and information that might help you determine the turns you take on the Retirement Roadmap.

Reaping Rewards For Financial Sacrifice

In today's world of “instant gratification” it's sometimes difficult to make sacrifices for the promise of tomorrow. So this week we tackle the issue of making financial sacrifices that may provide additional opportunities in the future. Sit back and reflect on your decisions to determine whether or not there might be ways to improve the future opportunities for you and your family. Sometimes a little sacrifice can enhance your journey on the Retirement Roadmap.


Opportunities For Improvement

Do you have money “falling through the cracks”? Are there subtle changes that you could make that could make a meaningful difference in your financial life? This week we look at some common missed opportunities that could easily be taken advantage of by simply making a few small changes that over time can make a big difference for you and your loved ones. Take a few minutes and listen in on this week's discussion as you travel along your personal Retirement Roadmap.