The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

Retirement Regrets

Will your retirement decisions be examples of well thought out retirement planning or warning signs for others to learn from? Learning from other peoples mistakes can truly help you avoid “Retirement Regrets”. This week we take some time to discuss and review some common retirement mistakes that all too often turn into “Retirement Regrets”. Tune in for a few minutes and take a lesson from other peoples mistakes. The next 15 minutes might just be a very important stop on your personal Retirement Roadmap.

Unasked Financial Questions

It could be said that the quality of you life come down to the quality of your decisions and your decisions are often based on the questions you ask. Do you know all the critical questions to ask when it comes to your retirement planning? This week we uncover a number of critical questions that are sometimes unfortunately left out of the decision making process. Join us as we discuss some important questions that are all too often left unasked before making major financial decisions when traveling along the Retirement Roadmap.


Changing Financial Advisors

When does it make sense to consider changing financial advisors? Does your advisor specialize in the retirement years or are their skills more general in nature? It's critical to remember that the preservation and distribution phases of life are significantly different from the accumulation phase. In other words, retirement income planning and legacy planning are not the same as saving for retirement. Are your planning strategies consistent with where you are in life? Take a few minutes to listen in as we discuss important perspectives for your journey along the Retirement Roadmap.


Required Minimum Distributions – “RMD”s


What are “RMD”s? Required Minimum Distributions for your Pretax Retirement Accounts are one of the “Trigger Age” facts of life once you reach 70 ½. There are a number of questions surrounding “RMD”s, so this week we take some time to discuss things you need to know about when it comes to Required Minimum Distributions. “RMD”s can be confusing so take a few minutes and listen in on our conversation as we discuss one of the important stops on your Retirement Roadmap.