The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

Your Financial Dashboard


Your car has “indicator” or “warning” lights to alert you to potential problems. If your financial life had a dashboard would you have any warning lights telling you to take corrective actions? This week we explore some of the key indicators that could be giving you financial alerts that may need your attention. Join us for a few minutes this week and examine your own “Financial Dashboard”.


Retirement Fundamentals


Understanding retirement income and how financial planning is different in retirement than during the working years is critical to having a successful retirement. This week we review some of the fundamentals that are important to understand and to implement when navigating your retirement years. Take a few minutes to review how you are doing with the “Retirement Fundamentals” and your Retirement Roadmap.

Tax Planning Basics

Taxes can be difficult to understand, especially in the retirement years. Not all income or cash flow is treated the same in the tax code. One example is Social Security. Social Security is not inherently taxable, however depending on the amount of other income and how that income is managed can cause Social Security benefits to become subject to taxation. Take a little time this week to listen in on our conversation and determine whether or not you have effective tax strategies in place or whether it makes sense to get a second opinion.


Let’s Talk About Market Volatility . . .


Is your retirement plan built to stand the test of time? This week we discuss the effects of market volatility and retirement planning. Markets go up and markets go down, and one of the key questions for retirement and the years leading up to retirement is whether or not your plan is designed to anticipate market volatility. Listen in on our conversation and reflect on whether or not your retirement plans are ready for whatever comes next.

Can You Put Toothpaste Back In The Tube?


There are some retirement decisions that cannot be undone. So this week we discuss some of these irrevocable decisions. Knowledge can be powerful. So make sure to take a little time and listen in as we review some of the critical choices that retirees and pre-retirees may have to face in the retirement years.