The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

What’s Your Legacy Plan?


This week we discuss legacy planning. Do you have your affairs in order? Everyone has a legacy plan, the question is whether it’s the plan that you designed or the one that the government has designed. You’ve worked and saved your entire life, so make sure you take steps to design a plan that directs what you want to happen with your life savings. Make sure that what you have goes to the people and causes that are important to you! Take a few minutes and listen in on our conversation to make sure you are dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s.

What About The Tax Consequences?


This week we discuss taxes. Have you ever met anyone who wanted to send extra tax dollars to Uncle Sam? The unfortunate truth is that all too often the uninformed send hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars to Uncle Sam. This happens due to a lack of understand of tax strategies that can legally and ethically reduce the amount of tax dollars that are sent to Washington every year. Take a few minutes to listen in on our conversation; you'll be glad you did!

Is Your Advisor Working For You?


Is your advisor a true fiduciary? This week we discuss what it means to have a fiduciary advisor working for you vs. working with someone who is a “captive” advisor that is employed by a publicly traded company - required to “maximize shareholder value”. Listen in on our conversation to understand the difference between the “Fiduciary Standard” vs. the “Suitability Standard”.


Common Retirement Planning Questions


This week we take some time to discuss some of the common questions that come up when thinking about retirement planning. Beware of some of the “common answers”. All too often people look for a quick and easy answer to their questions, but rarely do quick “one size fits all” answers serve your best interest. Listen in on our conversation this week as we address some of the “Common Retirement Planning Questions”.


Imagining Your Retirement

What will your retirement be like? This week we discuss some changes that happen in retirement. How will you spend your time? Your lifestyle will change in retirement so you need to make sure you plan and think about your retirement years. There are many changes that come your way – some are financial and some are in the other areas of life. Spend a few minutes with us and listen in on our conversation as you “Imagine Your Retirement”.