The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

Movie Villains & Financial Planning



Movie Villains and Financial Planning? Yes! Tune in this week as we relate movie villains to difficulties that can arise in financial planning. There are a number of issues or "villains" that everyone needs to be aware of when making financial and retirement plans. Take a few minutes to remember some of your favorite movies and how you can relate some important financial issues and concepts to the villains you know so well.

Retirement Account Mistakes

This week we discuss "Retirement Account Mistakes". Making contributions to your retirement accounts vs. taking distributions are obviously quite different and unfortunately, if not handled correctly, IRA's and other retirement accounts have a number of things that can go wrong. Take a few minutes to listen and take note of some of the things to be aware of when it comes to managing your retirement accounts.

Things Your Advisor Should Be Doing

Is your advisor helping you with all the things that will impact your financial life? This week we discuss the areas of your financial life that are not always addressed by all advisors. Often times some advice can have unintended consequences when your entire financial life is not being considered when decisions are made or advise is given. Join us for a few minutes and determine for yourself whether or not you might have some areas of your financial plan that are not being addressed.

How Couples Could “Screw Up” Retirement

Join us this week as we discuss and explore How Couples Could "Screw Up" Retirement! We discuss mistakes that couples sometimes make that can have adverse consequences for their retirement plans. Take a few minutes to listen in on our conversation and find out if you are making wise choices with your retirement planning decisions.