The Retirement Roadmap Podcast

The 3 “Worlds” Of Money

This week we discuss the 3 "Worlds" of Money. Where can you save or position your money? There are 3 basic places that most people utilize when they position their money to meet short, intermediate, and long term goals. These 3 "Worlds" have different pros and cons to consider - safety/risk, liquidity, growth potential, etc. Join us for a few minutes to listen and review the 3 "Worlds" of Money.

What Are Your Retirement Goals?

Join us this week as we explore planning and achieving your retirement goals. What are your goals for retirement? How will you achieve them? You've spent a lifetime working and planning for your retirement. So take a few minutes to listen as we discuss how to make the most of this special time in life. 

Retirement Today vs. The Way It Used To Be

This week week we discuss how retiring today is different than when your parents or grandparents retired. Take a few minutes to listen and determine whether or not you are considering all the things you need to think about when planning your retirement in today's world.

Your Customized Plan

This week we discuss the importance of having your own customized retirement plan. All too often pre-retirees and retirees end up with a one size fits all retirement plan. It's important to take into account the unique aspects of your goals and desires, as well as, your concerns. Your retirement plan should be customized to fit your needs and should be revisited from time to time as different aspects of life change. Join us for a few minutes to listen and evaluate whether or not you have a plan that is customized to fit your unique circumstances.